Frandy Desrosiers - Founder



During my time in Law school, looking proper was an essential skill to master. From wine tasting events with professors to law firm’s open houses with associates, every event mattered. However, I was soon faced with a serious problem; I noticed that my wardrobe was getting pretty outdated. With Law school, my participation in Students Associations and work, I had no time to go shopping. It became clear that menswear can be really expensive and the ones that I could afford were lacking in quality. I decided to ask my friends for some advice and that’s precisely when I realized that they were struggling with the same issue. A couple of years later, I stumbled upon a study conducted by AskMen in which 21,480 men had been surveyed and from that number, most men had admitted that they have no clue on how to dress up. 65% of men don’t know what the proper tie length should be and 76% of men don’t know which button to button on a suit. That’s when I realized that I had to do something about it.



In 2017, The Fitted Life Boutique was created to provide entrepreneurs and professionals with premium quality menswear accessories at wallet-friendly prices so they can stand out when it matters the most. Our subscription service, The Fitted Box, is the perfect solution for men as we curate premium products from brands that truly understand the challenges men are facing in this day and age and deliver them directly to your door every month. It’s simple, affordable and without any headaches.




Our mission is so much more than the products. It’s about sharing our passion for fashion to the world and guiding the modern day gentleman through his journey to success with helpful tips about fashion, finance, entrepreneurship and much more so he can become the best version of himself.




(Definition) Adapted to a person's body measurements.
(Slang) Someone who dresses well and has good fashion sense.

Be ready for a change of wardrobe that will completely shape the way people look at you.

Welcome to The Fitted Life.