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With male fashion returning to flaunt the streets, it is no secret that some less popular accessories are becoming fashionable again. As more men become aware of the need for proper fashion, they begin to develop a need to set more masculine trends. One trend that has become popular again is the tie bar. 

Whether you are going for an ultra-professional look or a trendy hipster look, a tie bar will add oodles of style and character to your entire outfit.     


The Fall & Rise of the Tie Bar

The tie bar has been around for many years and was popular by many of the higher class in the early 20th century. However, during World War II, the use of the tie bar became rare. One reason for this is the fact that tie bars were a part of the military uniform and no one wished to have yet another reminder of the war.


How Big is the Bar?

Size matters when it comes to tie bars. Wearing one that is too wide or too narrow will actually ruin your whole look. It is not uncommon to find tie bars that fit both the traditional tie measuring between 2 ¾ and 3 ½ inches and the very popular new super skinny ties that may be as small as 1 ½ inch and 1 inch. The right tie bar for your outfit is one that extends ½ to ¾ across the width of your tie.

 Tie Bar - Suit


Types of Tie Bars – Tie Bar or Tie Clip?

Tie bars come in two distinct styles – slide clasp and pinch clasp. The slide clasp, also known as Tie Bar, simply slides across the tie and is the more appropriate choice for slimmer, sleeker ties. The pinch clasp, also known as Tie Clip, has a spring mechanism that opens and closes the bars like the jaws of an alligator. To wear this type of tie bar, you have to press the mechanism gently to open the jaws and then slide the bar over the tie. The Tie Clip is more appropriate for securing ties made from thicker fabrics.

While earlier tie bars were limited to gold and silver, today you can find them in a wider range of colors, from neutrals for the professional look to neon shades for the funky look. Neutral tie bars are more versatile as they complement shirts and suits in any color. In defense of the traditional gold and silver tie bars, they are super versatile and can be worn on almost any colored ensemble.

Tie Bars | Tie Clips 

Is a Bar Formal or Informal? 

Tie bars can be either dressy or informal and come in as many if not more varieties as the tie tack. You can even purchase tie bars with diamonds and precious metals. Tie bars like this look as good as any jewelry you may choose to wear. 

You can also find tie bars that reflect your personality. These may be in the shape of sports or musical equipment as well as many other stylish yet comical forms. No matter which way you choose to go, a tie bar will look fantastic. With the number of options available to those choosing a tie bar, the only question that remains is “How do I wear one?”.


How Do You Wear a Tie Bar?

A tie bar is simply slid onto the tie about halfway between the knot and the tip of the tie. When doing this you should imagine a sliding scale. Start at the top and slide your finger down to what feels comfortable to you. The sweet spot to place a tie bar is between the 3rd and 4th button of your dress shirt.  

Remember, the tie bar does not just secure the front end and the back end of your tie. It secures both the front and back ends of your tie to the placket of your shirt. When clipping it on, your bar should always be perpendicular to your tie. It should not be pointing upwards or downwards.


Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Tie Bars

For something that is so slim and small, a tie bar packs a mighty punch. Worn right, it can add instant flair and personality to your look while the smallest mistake can ruin your otherwise carefully put together ensemble. 

Do choose a tie bar that is about ½ to ¾ the width of your tie.

Don’t wear a tie bar that extends beyond the width of your tie or one that ends less than halfway across the width of the tie.

Do remember the rules of tie bar placement. The right spot is between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

Do choose the right style of tie bar for your tie – the slide clasp for your silk and knit ties and the pinch clasp for ties made from chunkier fabrics.

Don’t wear a pinch clasp on a knit tie as the clamp’s teeth can puncture the fabric and ruin the tie.

Do wear the tie bar in a horizontal line that is perpendicular to your tie - not at an angle facing upwards or downwards.


Amazingly versatile and eye-catching, a tie bar can be worn for just about any occasion, whether formal or casual. Best of all, they are available in a price range wide enough to suit any budget so you don’t have to stop at buying just one. Having several tie bars in a variety of styles, sizes and colors ensures that you will always have the right one on hand for any outfit.


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